Wednesday, 1 May 2013

....... and found

Great news.  The wallet turned up with all his bank cards and ID etc all intact.  Breyden is quite relieved as are all his friends and family.  So, today marks the start of the next leg of his of his walk.  It's May 1. A new month, better weather lies ahead and with a bit of a rest and a whole lot of experience gained he is ready to start out again. Breyden and the whole team supporting him are relieved, recharged and ready to hit the road.  Well, almost. One more day to get things reorganized and then the support vehicle will be all set and decked out with its...  oops, almost said to much.  You'll have to come back to see the exciting new addition.

Just a quick shout out to Mr. and Mrs. Moore of Salmon Arm, franchise owners of the Tim Hortons in Salmon Arm and surrounding areas. They were kind enough to provide Breyden's lunch and some advice and support for the trip. There have been a lot of such people along the way who have stopped to help out in similar ways or make cash donations to Breyden directly.  I will try to acknowledge these people more in upcoming posts.

Check back tomorrow.  It's a big day with a big reveal.....

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