Friday, 24 May 2013


This week there were some strong headwinds and rain near the Bow Valley.  Here is an update directly from the support team.

“We have run into some adverse weather, three days of strong headwinds and today it’s been raining as well. Breyden persevered for 12 kilometers but then had to take a break, soaking wet and exhausted. Right now we are sitting in the Central Bow Valley School yard, plugged into one of their car plug outlets in the hamlet of Gleichen, Courtesy of the Principal Mrs. E. McLane and the Maintenance Supervisor Don Hartman. I might add we are very grateful and appreciate the support.

Another interesting thing today. When Breyden left this morning the headwind was very strong and it was raining quite hard, he was concerned that many would stop to offer him a ride. So he chose to go down a right angled side road, we drove beside him with the mother ship acting as a wind barrier. Three of the locals on the side road (Range Rd 232, Anonymous, Judy and Brenda offered $20.00 each towards the cause, thank you folks for your kind donations. There is always a bright side to everything if we look for it”

Wow!  That gives me such a strong visual of Breyden, head down and determined, striving ever forward against the elements to achieve his goal despite the odds. It’s quite a real-life interpretation of our fight to cure cancer.  We need your help to do that.  Please spread the word and help him reach his target.  Share this blog, friend him on facebook (Breyden Walken Erickson), and pass on his donations link.

Which leads directly to his Canadian Cancer Society fundraising page (which I posted below, but as you can see it is very long)

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