Thursday, 30 May 2013

Cross Canada Cure... by the numbers

Breyden Erickson set out 9 weeks ago from Horseshoe Bay in West Vancouver BC on a mission to walk across Canada to raise money for cancer research. His geographical progress has been incredible, (he should be in Saskatchewan by tomorrow!!!) but we need help with his fundraising goal.  This 18 year old young man is doing an incredible and selfless thing to try to help others.  Please take a few minutes and make a donation to his Canadian Cancer Society fundraising page.

He is currently just west of Medicine Hat and will be at these southern Saskatchewan communities on the following dates.. well estimated, depending on weather and other conditions.  He is WALKING after all. Watch for him and the support vehicle and stop by and say hello.

Medicine Hat    May 30
AB/SK border  June 1
Maple Creek    June 2
Gull Lake         June 6
Swift Current    June 7
Herbert            June 9
Emfold             June 10
Chaplin            June 11
Mortlach          June 12
Caronport        June 12
Moose Jaw      June 13
Regina             June 15

Cross Canada Cure by the numbers:

1          Percent of funds have been raised to date towards Breyden’s goal of $323,323.00. C’mon Canada, we can do this!
2          Nights the team has stayed at Tillebrook Provincial Campground in Brooks, AB. Thanks to Alberta
            Parks for the great RV site!
5          Mayors met to date.
7          Toenails left….
14        Percent of all new cases of cancer are lung cancer.
15        Kilometers walked along the Fraser Canyon by Alex, Breyden’s 10 year old cousin, on April 7th.
18        Years old.
26        Days since Breyden’s “Team” started travelling with him in the Cross Canada Cure RV.
46        Million dollars. In 2011–2012, the Canadian Cancer Society funded more than $46 million in             leading-edge research supporting close to 300 projects across the country.
52        Kilometers walked on Monday, May 27
58        Kilometers walked on Wednesday, April 10 – a personal record
62        Percent of Canadians diagnosed with cancer are expected to survive for 5 years or more after a cancer diagnosis.
67        Days since Breyden dipped his sneakers into the Pacific Ocean at Horseshoe Bay, BC
195      More days of walking
200      Canadians will die from cancer every day, on average.
213      Total Blog views so far today!
220      Dollars received for scrapping Breyden’s car, to helping fund his walk.
1,338   Kilometers walked so far
2103    Total overall Blog views
186,400  Estimated new cases of cancer in Canada in 2012.

Breyden and the TeamBreyden road crew.

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