Monday, 13 May 2013

Meanwhile, at Tim Hortons

"It is amazing the people we meet along the way" dad shared with me today. 

They all went to Tim Horton's this morning to get a coffee (really to use the WiFi to catch up on e-mails; no Internet at the campground).  While Breyden was getting fueled up in preparation for today's walk and dad was catching up on emails, mom struck up a conversation with with the people at the next table. They were a friendly couple here on a two week holiday from Whitby, England. (beautiful seaside village by the way, I Googled it, check out the pictures below.) They just felt that anybody as committed as Breyden deserved some support and donated $10.00 to Breyden for expenses. 

Thank you Peter and Marian, we hope you enjoy the rest of your visit to Canada.

Later in the afternoon they went to the Spring Creek Campground in Canmore to get a spot for the night. Owner Frank Kernick was quick to provide a free campsite and hookups once he heard what Breyden was doing.  Much appreciated Frank.  Here's a shout-out to the best RV park in Canmore! 

Spring Creek Mountain Village
(403) 678-5111

Then, dad had no sooner sent me all this information when mom returned from doing the laundry and she had been given a loonie from a lady from Atlanta Georgia.

It's great that so many of the people they meet are so generous and quick to lend a hand or support Breyden.  Visitors and tourists at that!

C'mon Canada.  Help us raise the funds to find a cure.

Whitby, England.

To financially support the CrossCanadaCure:
CIBC transit # 00250 account # 83-68694

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