Tuesday, 28 May 2013

cancer sucks

I find, for myself, that I can get caught up in Bryeden's walk and how he is doing and where he is etc. Then suddenly something happens to remind me again of his cause and the importance of what he is doing and the need to find a cure for cancer once and for all.

A few months ago a dear friend of mine lost his husband to this terrible disease.  It was a heartbreaking time and they both  keep very close to all of their friends and family while he was in treatment. While his husband was more of a quiet and private person, my friend kept his friends and family close and informed as to what was going on with them and the cancer treatment process on almost a daily basis.  The response, support and love that people gave back to them both was overwhelming and, as he expressed many times, a great source of comfort to them both.  He posted regularly on facebook, sent e-mails and tried to visit with as many friends as they could.  He took the time to read each reply and comment to his husband.  I personally am glad that they chose to be so open about their struggles as it gave me a chance to be closer to them during this very difficult time for them.  It also made me feel that maybe in some small way I was actually being of help by offering my support, sympathy and love as regularly as I could.

My friend committed every minute of his day to attending to and caring for his partner.  He took on dealing with a variety of doctors, specialists, hospitals, medications and treatments. They often had to travel to a larger city to get the necessary test and treatments.  When his condition got worse he took leave from work and stayed home and tended to his needs.

When they met and started going out years ago I was so happy for my friend to have found someone. As the years went on it was so evident that their love and commitment to each other was that very rare and amazing kind that we all dream of having someday.  When I head the news I was absolutely heartbroken for them both.  I thought that he is so undeserving of this and has to be one of the ones that pulls through and becomes a survivor.  I got angry at the great unfairness of life.  I can only imagine how they felt.

And now I have just heard that another friend of mine lost his mother to cancer just 2 days ago.  I never had the pleasure of meeting her but my friend also shared a bit about what was happening to friends and family.  She was a wonderful and active woman who was still out giving back to her community.  Someone who was loved, needed and deserving of many more years.

There are so many other people who are also deserving of many more years but sadly the statistics are not very promising.  According to the Canadian Cancer Society 2 out of 5 Canadians are expected to develop cancer in their lifetime.  The survival rate for all types of cancer combined is currently 62%.  After doing a bit of research on this I realized how urgent it is to find a cure for this disease.  It makes me all the more proud of what Breyden is doing and determined to help however I can.  It is time to find a cure for this horrible disease once and for all.  We cannot do it with will and resolve alone. It takes research and funding.

cancer sucks.  Please make a donation and help find a cure.


  1. Very well said, Daryl. There are so many tragic stories. It is almost as if we are becoming desensitized because of the huge number of people who have to deal with this.
    In the past year we have had 3 people we know battle the disease very publicly. Only one is still alive to share his story but the families of the other two continue to open their hearts and share their journey with others.
    Time to put an end to this.

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